The Death Star '48



Hey! Hey ! Hey!
Lookie what some people thought of
The empire started out as the USAF

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here more info how they wandet to build this thing

note the cargorocket use Nuclear engine like Nerva
form ground launch until orbit :eek:
When was it cancelled? Possibly after they realised that 600 billion degrees (Page 95 :) wasn't a real number, and began to suspect it wasn't a real project either!

All details are clearly the invention of the Mechanix writer.

What a fantastic article!
that particular example of some people should remind the readers that the notion was that Empire was older than USAF as the origins of Star Wars was a pirate story in the Caribbean , and should also add that USAF/USN officers were very interested in what the former illustrator of Boeing was drawing as a curiosity. As they were friends , they actually contributed to "the design process " of material , though I am not on firm ground on that ; just an hearsay.

ı do have a very thick skin ...

wonder why ? maybe I know 50 percent of anything I write anywhere is true ...

and if some other people had managed to do the Death Star of 1948 , some other than other people would form up the Rouge Squadron .

see , I am very sensible , I am not claiming "we" would destroy it .
KJ_Lesnick said:
The whole thing was a bogus design then?

It's a "Popular Mechanics/Frank Tinsley" bit of invention. Tinsley illustrated a *lot* of nifty looking things that had little to no basis in reality... some were his own ideas (and were sometiems pretty good ideas), and some were based on a one-line description, fleshed out in graphic detail. This 1948 concept is based, so far as anyone has ever been able to determine, on just a line or two from Forrestal about how "wouldn't it be nice if we had an orbiting weapons platform."

*IF* there was an actual design behnd this, it is most probably based on this:
*IF* there was an actual design behind this, it is most probably based on this:

thiz iz a German Space Station, by Herr Von Braun

When was it cancelled?
all efforts for a "United Staate Space Force" died with Forrestal death

by the way can we move this to Secret space project ?
Orionblamblam said:
Illustrated in 1946 at Fort Bliss, Texas. How much of this design existed prior to Paperclip is uncertain.


At that times von Braun felt underexstimated with nothing to do than launch "old" V2 captured by Americans at the end of WWII.
So he started to put "on paper" something he (and Dornberger) had dreamed on during their Peenemunde-years.

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