The APKWS is now capable of shooting down drones

The APKWS would be the perfect missile for shooting down these Shahed 136 drones as it is cheap and can be massed-produced quickly in large numbers.
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I find that highly doubtful and implausible given that the Allies had succeeded in designing and building proximity-fuses that used sub-miniature valves for AAA shells, if they can survive than then they can survive the G-loads from 2.75" rocket-launch.
Sorry for the late reply, not sure how I missed it.

You're misunderstanding. It's not about making the fuze survive the launch, it's about how to have that fuze inactive when sitting in the tube, and then activate when the rocket is safely away from the launcher.

The WW2 prox fuzes used metal pins that would shear off under the acceleration forces to do this, but a 70mm rocket has a much softer launch than a 3" gun shell.

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