Thanks Smurf: US Fire Support Ship?

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27 September 2006
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Thanks to Smurf for the info on the twin US 5". The article mentions the US Fire Support ship proposed at the end of the 60s to replace the ageing big gun ships. The only description of this in Jane's is of a ship about the same size as contemporary landing ships, but armed with a range of guns and rocket launchers.

Does anyone have a drawing or artwork? I suspect it just stayed as a spec.

UK 75
Everything you wanted to know about Fire Support Ship here:

Chapter 14: Fire Support Revisited page 403 to 423. ( 20 Different designs illustrated)


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Normally the lads at Shipbucket can be relied on to turn the bare black and white line drawings in Friedman into artwork.
Steered by Antonio I rushed up to the now defunct Motorbooks shop in St Martins Court near London's Leicester Square and bought this Friedman book. That was 14ys ago.
I was reminded of the designs based on large destroyer hulls which were proposed in the late 60s for fire support and in different designs for the Command Ship role replacing the cruiser conversions that served until 1980.
My Friedmans are stashed in boxes because I do so much on my phone (a bit like a Star Trek Padd).
Tzoli might want to hunt down some of the designs.
You want this book for yourself?
Tzoli I have it stashed in my library. I now have all the modern Friedmans.
Shipbucket have drawing

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