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1 May 2019
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I have been surprised to see photographs of 8x8 and 10x10 HEMTT vehicles carrying the THAAD missile rack. Does anyone know the rationale/use of the two variants? Current deployments use the M1120 8x8 version as far as I can see... Any links to the THAAD-ER? Is this country specific i.e. the Arab purchase was on the 10x10 vehicle?
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I think the 10x10 was the early prototype stuff. They seem to have settled on the 8x8. Hmmm. The 10x10s I see have 10 rounds loaded. The 8 x 8 have eight. As for THAAD-ER I haven't heard much on that lately.
Thank you - I suspect that you are right, but the 10x10 was not part of the original HEMTT deliveries... Certainly all the deployed vehicles that I have seen are 8x8. I have also not heard much on THAAD-ER, but this may imply that action is being taken in the background. I have reviewed the various threads on this subject on this site, which were interesting!
I appreciate your comments.
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Thank you - noted. I will see if I can find other 10x10 photos; I am not sure what HEMTT was used for the Saudi sale.
Seems pretty short-sighted. Pretty much exactly what is needed to counter glide vehicles.

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