Tesla Cybertruck

An unexpected (?!) leftover from Covid crisis but the EU is now serious about freeing electrical vehicles from VAT.


But IMOHO, those cold thrusters are probably more coanda effect boundary layer energizer than rocket nozzles to potentially blast off close-by onlookers.
But IMOHO, those cold thrusters are probably more coanda effect boundary layer energizer than rocket nozzles to potentially blast off close-by onlookers.
Possibly, but Elon has said before that they're considering at least doing a test of whether downward-facing thrusters could enable the Roadster to perform a short controlled hover, so we might see a single rear thruster being able to deliver >0.25Gs of additional acceleration.
Still seems well within the realm of possibility, but I also shouldn't have said a single thruster - for whatever design they're talking about with being able to hop / hover the vehicle, they might have one central thruster and some smaller control thrusters, or they might have (eg) 2x large thrusters and 2x smaller for roll control, etc.

Either way though, >0.25G from thrusters you mount to the rear seems within the realm of possibility to me - do remember too that the thrusters aren't meant to be road legal or necessarily used in public; just something you'd use on a dragway or racetracks - you'll probably toggle it on and off via software and have to acknowledge a legal disclaimer.
@Dragon029 : That would seem pretty reasonable to have it as an add-on kit too. Doing the Math, with a 1000kg roaster & 10sq cm nozzle area, with a subsonic cold outflow (noise level), I've got a pressure tank of at least 50bar (dry air). That's kind of hassle for a roadable vehicle that would have to live in traffic and be parked outside during sunny summer days.
Ai driven Car with Thrusters? Too bad we aren't on the timeline of a certain anime, maybe what is needed is manufacturers to perceive a rocket gap.....

One wonders if there a point in which cars are simply too fast to sell to the public and what would that be.....
It could be that we need a new type of roads to complement those vehicles with extreme performances.

Just like we went from unpaved to paved runway moving from horse carts to the automobile, it might be time for an hyper-driveways

Tesla has not detailed which models will be discussed in the roadmap update, but it is expected that its long-awaited Cybertruck will be one of the subjects of discussion.
Marques Brownlee test drives the Cybertruck:

The version he is testing here will go on sale at $100,000, though other versions will be cheaper. For such an expensive vehicle the build quality doesn’t seem to match that price.

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Top Gear UK magazine has a good piece about it, interestingly it won't meet euro / UK safety specs so we'll never see them here.
Don't know for the USA, but as an European I can't see any need for a bulletproof car...
That's *adorable.* With several hot wars right on your doorstep and millions of military age males just walking right in, I suspect Europe is going to once again enter a War Era in the near-ish future. Not sure an electric vehicle is the warfighter of the near future, but when things start popping off petroleum might get difficult to come by.
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Contrary to what this poster is saying the Cybertruck crash test is absolutely horrifying in comparison to competitors....

Who designed this??? 60 years of work on crumple zone completely ignored....

Note that those are different types of crashes. The Cybertruck smacked into a full height vertical wall; the other trucks hit small "benches" about at tall as the tires. I don't know what all difference that'll make, but clearly some.
Small offset tests are often more challenging than wall tests, the passenger cell will distort more as the un-blocked mass of the vehicle tries to go past the obstacle. But the real issue here is the Tesla's seemingly terrible crumple zone performance. There's not much crumple, and so much of the impact gets transmitted through the solid structure that a rear wheel is nearly torn off. At 35 miles per hour! That's going to be...rough on passengers.

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