ANKA-3 Combat Unmanned Aircraft System developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries was displayed for the first time. To perform first flight some time this year.
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Jet Engine
Weighs 7 tons
At 0.7 Mach (800 km/h)
Low Radar Trace
Ability to Perform Air-Ground, Air-Air Missions

Joint Avionic Architecture and YKİ (Ground Control Station) with Anka and Anka II UCAVs
Low Radar Visibility (Stealth)
High Speed Departure
High Payload Capacity
LoS/BLOS (Satellite Control)
Max. Takeoff Weight: 6.500 kg
Payload Capacity: 1.200kg
Service Altitude: 40,000 ft
Withstand: 10 hours @ 30kf
Travel Speed: 250kts/0.42Mach @ 30kf
Max Speed: 425kts/0.7Mach @ 30kf

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Engineering Director Bülent Korkem said that ANKA-3 is a tailless configuration and that it has different advantages and mentioned the advantages of ANKA-3 stemming from its design.

According to the news of Anadolu Agency; Korkem said that the most important advantage is 'low radar visibility' . Korkem said, "Visibility drops a lot because the plane does not have horizontal and vertical tails."

"With some extra measures, it is possible to increase this even more and reduce the visibility. Apart from that, the drag is low in this configuration. We can create more transport volume and capacity. Therefore, we wanted to use all of these advantages. It took quite a bit of time planning. Again, we created the infrastructure by flying a tailless aircraft and started to develop such an aircraft on which we will use these advantages.

Development work began in February 2022 . At the point we have arrived at, the aircraft has now started taxi tests. This process will continue until the first flight takes place in a short time. Then, the form of the work will fall and a process will begin on which the integration of the mission systems is done and prepared for real use. First flight right now, first target. The flight date is very close, I hope we will fly it before the beginning of May, before the middle of May.

Referring to the operational use of ANKA-3, Bülent Korkem said that the aircraft has a serious carrying capacity, can go up to 44 thousand feet and can operate at 40 thousand feet. Pointing out that the aircraft will reach speeds as high as 0.7 mach, Korkem made the following assessment:

"The low radar visibility gives us a high payload capacity and the ability to operate at high speeds at long distances . Therefore, we have a heavy payload capacity. We can use this for air-to-ground, air-to-air attack purposes by supporting it with other electronic systems and payloads that we will mount on it. We can use it for electronic warfare purposes to suppress it.

We can use ANKA-3 in joint operations with manned systems such as the National Combat Aircraft, HURJET and F-16. There is an opportunity to use both their payloads and their payloads in common with each other. Therefore, we can say that the usage area of this aircraft is very wide. We think that if we make the first flight in a short time, we will be ready for the first mission by the end of the year or at the beginning of next year."

Referring to the attack capability of ANKA-3, Korkem said that there will be a total of 7 weapon stations, one of which is under the fuselage center, two of which are internal and two under the wing .
Noting that the weapon stations have different capacities, Korkem said, "The capabilities of the internal station in the hull will be very large." Korkem said, " We are able to carry all the ammunition developed in Turkey so far within this system. We can carry one of each Mark 83 class gun or we can carry much smaller ammunition according to its volume. At the first large station under the wing, SOM -J , Again, Mark 83 class weapons can be carried. Those below can certainly be carried. Relatively small weapons can be carried at stations outside the wing. Therefore, our range is very wide in terms of carrying weapons."

Korkem also gave information about the new version of the high-speed target aircraft Şimşek, which is positioned under the wings of ANKA-3. Expressing that the resulting platform is like "Şimşek's big brother" , Korkem said that they named the new product "Super Şimşek" .

Korkem stated that the Super Şimşek will primarily be a target aircraft, followed by versions with decoy target and offensive ammunition.

Noting that they will use different types of seeker heads in the versions with ammunition, Korkem said, "Therefore, Super Şimşek will be able to perform air-to-ground, air-to-air attack missions, and can perform tasks such as detecting and suppressing enemy systems on the ground by attaching electronic warfare systems within its own capacity . We will also use this aircraft in a range that can reach a range of more than 700 kilometers," he said. (Anadolu Agency)
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False alarm. Mr. KOTİL later apologized and said he was talking about the scale model, not the ANKA-III itself. He's really tired, I guess.
#ANKA III met the sky. ANKA III remained in the air for 1 hour and 10 minutes and flew at an altitude of 8 thousand ft throughout the test. (GT)
View: https://twitter.com/Temel_Kotil/status/1740362138668138971?t=K8Hr0__BFmQevfT-aC_cdA&s=19
Details of ANKA III's historic flight:
• The first flight of the unmanned warplane ANKA III lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes.
• Reached an altitude of 8 thousand feet and reached a speed of 150 knots
• He also performed the runway bypass test in flight.
• ANKA III's flight was accompanied by HÜRKUŞ and ANKA (Google Translate)
View: https://twitter.com/gooksel/status/1740371129712210363?t=n0SqACT0PeqFbBycT9TmAw&s=19
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I will say it again. I think Turkey will continue to increase market share as a contender in the international aerospace market. I expect they will compete with the Korean's for contracts in the non-aligned states where power politics of the northern hemisphere 'first world countries' brings extra "expense" that is not desirable.

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