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21 September 2006
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Back in the 60's, I worked at Aeronutronics on the Shillelagh. In one of the back rooms we had a turret from, supposedly, a T95. Does anyone know anything about it?
Are you sure it was T95?
Sheridans were fitted with some non-standard turrets, one reason being the low reliability and life of the 152mm launch tube.


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Sorry about the last one. And I should have acknowledged source: "Sheridan" by Hunnicutt


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Some T95 variants mounted turrets with smooth bore guns
True, but shouldn't this be a Sheridan thread?
By the way, in my first pic the gun is a 76mm Walker Bulldog turret.
Sorry, I've taken something for granted. The prime use for the Shillelagh was in the Sheridan, and in a later version of the M60. as other turrets were fitted to Sheridan, in place of Shillelagh, I put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5. It's partly down to being continually distracted by my connection to the internet being repeatedly cut off due to a line fault.
Excuses over, from Hunnicutt's Patton, p179
As part of the development programme [of Shillelagh for the M60] three T95 turrets and two M60 turrets were requested for modification to carry the Shillelagh. The T95 turrets were to be installed on M48 chassis for test purposes.
Inside my copy of Patton is a photocopy of a photo of what is described as T95 with Hydrolastic suspension and 152mm Shillelagh. It very definitely looks like hydrolastic suspension, but you have to trust that it is a T95. It's a head on view with a Shillelagh narrow turret. I do not know the source of the photo.
Talking about the Shillelagh, did it always require the special 152 mm launcher or could be launched from "normal" guns with some adaptations? I presume they had to be smooth bore.
Don't know about "normal" guns but, Aeroneurotic built a tripod mounted launcher for Shillelagh in competition with the TOW. Worked all right but lost out.
The missile had a key in it that had to aligned when loaded in the gun tubes with the key slot to keep the missile from rotating as it entered the rifled portion of the gun/launcher. Since it was infrared guided by the gunner after launch he had to steer the missile by locking on to its rear end right after launch and a spinning missile could not be guided since up,down.right and left would be constantly changing. I saw a lot more tows being lost by gunners over correcting shortly after leaving their tubes on M113's then missile gunners losing lock in the rear of the shillelagh.
The missile did indeed have a key to orient it in the tube. The gunner did not have to lock on to the missile after launch. The missile tracker on the tank had an envelope to capture the missile after launch. The gunner just kept his cross hairs on the target and the missile would be guided onto the correct path.
Regarding both the Sheridan and the Shillelagh:



It might be good to modify the thread name so as to disambiguate it with regards to Object 195.

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