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Systems Research and Development Corporation (SRDC) Archangel UAV and other projects


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May 4, 2008
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I was reading "Pioneers of Stealth" by John Griffin, and there's a couple of pages written by Roy Hubker. He worked on Tacit Blue and subsequent advanced concepts projects at Northrop, became one of their main LO guys. When he left Northrop in 1988, he founded Systems Research and Development Corporation (SRDC). He was active as an SME for LO and propulsion integration on F-22, worked on re-entry vehicle concepts and targets, developed RAM materials, composite very low RCS pylons, and RCS test support equipment.
He says his company built a "medium sized UAV" and "demonstrated the feasibility of launching and recovering from a C-130" (!). Is anyone aware of what this medium sized UAV might be?
I tried searching this on the internet but unsurprisingly, i did not find anything relevant. I did find mention of what i think is a more recent unrelated project, a smaller styrofoam and fiberglass UAV called Archangel, of which several dozens have been sold to various military customers. But again, i wasn't able to find any pictures.

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