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5 March 2009
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The kit is now nearing completion and should be released between December 2013 and January 2014.
The kit is of course longer, bigger and wider than my previous SSTO Space Shuttle Venture Star. The shape of the fuselage is also different as well as the engine. The fins and flaps are also bigger. The NEW X-33 Resin KIT from Stratosphere Models will replace my older 1-144th scale SSTO Space Shuttle kit which will be retired.

The first few clients will receive a good discount, so reserve your copy right now because quantities for the INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT SPECIAL OFFER will be LIMITED !

The wing fillets have already been created (they will be shown in upcoming new pictures). Next details to be added: landing gear bays and cutting out and finishing the rear bulkhead final shape, plus final details on the fins and final touch on the rear sides. The kit will include the complete heat tiles. 2 (or 3 !) more kits to will be announced soon.
More details are coming.

Website: http://www.picturetrail/stratospheremodels


Hi, i will announce the price when the kit will be released. Those who (Updated post) RESERVE their copy will get the special discount and will get to know the price earlier. You can reserve your kit by sending me an email. This will be on a first come first served basis. I am not saying how many first clients will get the discount, but it will be like i said a limited number, so order early to profit from the discount :)

You can't expect people to pre-order and pay without telling them the price. That's just ridiculous and will dissuade them from buying. Besides, how exactly am I supposed to pay if I am not told how much to pay?
GTX said:
You can't expect people to pre-order and pay without telling them the price. That's just ridiculous and will dissuade them from buying. Besides, how exactly am I supposed to pay if I am not told how much to pay?

Hi, my bad, i was supposed to print "those who RESERVE their copy and order after the kit project is officially completed" (NOT pre-order) (i must have been following too many panel lines too closely lately...), thanks for spotting it and for letting me know (although it would have been better to send me an email, as i only checked the thread again today). Clients have to email me, i put their names on a list, and they get eligible for the discount offer once the kit will be officially completed and released., and of course, only IF they order the kit.

The ballpark for the REGULAR price (AFTER i release the kit, for those who will NOT have RESERVED their copy by officially contacting me and requesting a copy for themselves) might be somewhere between something 75.00 and 175.00$US for example. I have to keep the competition guessing you know :)

So i would say to those who want to profit from the Substantial Discount, hurry, because the release of my kit is getting ever closer.

PaulMM (Overscan) said:
You don't pay until the price is announced, and an email isn't a binding contract to buy.

Hi Paul, here`s how it works in case it was not clear: a client contacts me and shows interest in buying the kit, i put him on my list making him eligible for the Substantial discount on the X-33 kit, and once i officially announce that the kit is complete and available, then and only then they can formally order it and they obtain the discount, while those who did NOT contact me PRIOR to the official completion of the project will not be eligible for the discount. Simple and beautiful.

And of course if someone changes his mind along the way, he won't have to order anything since no payments were made anyway, I will simply remove him from the list and someone else who contacted me and showed interest for the kit will get the chance to profit from the discount.

Oh, and as a side note, the price for the kit will be officially announced once i will complete the X-33 kit.

Also to make this more clear, there is a limit of 2 kits per client only for this special offer. This offer is void to kit dealers, manufacturers and distributors.

I have also been thinking to offer more great rewards to my customers in the future. If you have checked my offers in the past, you would have seen that my customers have very frequently benefited from very big rewards with their purchases. Most of my customers for the past few years have received the equivalent of a 2 for 1 offer when they purchased a kit from my company :). If you had purchased a kit from me last year for example, you might already have received a FREE KIT reward. It pays to order from me.

You always get more from Stratosphere Models.

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