Surfboard Design

Mark Nankivil

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13 June 2007
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Hi All -

Anyone have articles or links regarding surfboard design? Just very interested/curious about it.

Thanks! Mark
armed or unarmed, Mark? ;)

Thanks guys! No not armed (yet!) but simply curious. In looking at surfboards in detail a few years ago during a visit to Hawaii and a later visit that year to Norfolk, Virginia, I was technically curious about the design efforts beyond the "that looks about right". In digging thru some stuff at the house the other day, I came across a small (18" long) wood surfboard that a gentleman in Hawaii gave me and that made me think again about surfboard design.

So if we ever say "Chuck It" and move to the beach for the rest of our lives, maybe I can shape surfboards. Not!

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Yes, pretty crazy, especially when they are being placed into the waves by JetSki. Amazing what some will do for the adrenaline rush.....

Enjoy the Day! Mark

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