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Jan 9, 2010
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I hope this is the right place to put this, basically i wonder if there is any information as to what radar the preseries Su-27M/Su-35 delivered in 2002 i believe, had in their noses, was it the slotted array N-011, or the phased array N-011M? Did they have the N-012 in the tail stinger?

Also, what engines they had, to me at least the whole AL-31 family info i can find online or in books (i do have Y. Gordon's Su-27 book) is totally confusing. All i can make out is that apparently the AL-37FU is the predecessor or the initial designation of the 117S (the compressor diameter seems to be the same), but i digress here though as now i'm wading into Su-37 territory.

So, did those preseries Su-27M/Su-35 use any uprated engines, or have any T-10M prototypes used/tested uprated engines of whatever designation (i know 710 tested the 117S, that doesn't count as it really has to do with the later Su-35S)?

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Feb 12, 2010
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Preseries using the slotted planar array N011. as far as i know. The Phased array Bars only used in Su-37 Demonstrator. N012 was apparently never in hardware stage.

cant help on the engine side tho. sorry.

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