Stop-fold patent?

Charles Gray

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13 October 2007
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I'm finishign up some work on a game that involves the "stop-fold" tiltrotor concept where te blades are folded back into the nacelles for high speed flight.
Now I had a patent downloaded with some good detail work for the artist to go from...but I had a corrupted file problem, and now, I can't find it. I can't find it on this board, I can't seem to find it on freepatents, I just can't seem to find the %^($%(!! thing.
If anyone has seen it, or has seen good (reasonable close ups) of the process of folding the rotor blades back into the nacelles could you post a link? I've found some pictures hear, but they tend to be more shots of the craft either with the rotors extended or folded, nothing in between.

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