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29 January 2008
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I've been doing a report on the pattern of the high seas, the navy and I was thinking about the possible numbers that had no physical vessels (projects not left the drawing tables).

I've always missed the lack of paragraph F-90, possibly a replacement for the Discovery and the NFR-90. Also the draft of the Kidd class DDG 70s, Bazan carrier proyect CVL, Bloinstein FFLs, the BES-50 PCF and BES-95 FFL draft ship surface action of NATO in the 80s, the 90s of AFCon, projects FFL Super-Discovery The F110 and probably others who were in the dark.

Submarines and patruyeras, no idea, but I doubt that there was something there. Amphibians in the draft of the LCAC VAC-4 and VAC-36
I'll post something about this topic later
BSAC 200 and 220 CVL designs discussed here:,1083.0.html
evolution from US SCS to Spanish Principe de Asturias here:,1231.0.html
Santa Maria class Frigate (home build mod OHP) has the F-80 class, F-90 has no ships asigned (NFR-90?) , F-100 has Alvaro de Bazan class. F-110 has hipotetical, not data for now

The Super Discovery class has a draft proyect to build a big versions of F-30 Discovery (Descubierta) class, with a 100mm or 155mm main cannon vs 76mm OTO melara, and a stern Helicopter Deck, no Hangar facility.
Frigate mistery solved here (excellent info):
Not sure if this is the right thread, but I couldn't find a specific Bazan thread.

Spain via Bazan bid for the South African Navy requirement eventually fullfilled by the Germans.

From AAFJ March and August 1998, described as a 3000 ton development of the earlier Spanish submission to the South African Navy (SAN) in 1994.


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