Skyraider with Bullpup????


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10 November 2007
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In the book "Douglas AD Skyraider" by Peter C. Smith (Crowood Aviation series) I found this info about AD-6 armament:

The AD-6 also incorporated many other of the improvements introduced with the AD-5. It was armed with two (later four) 20 mm wing cannon and had the larger forward sweeping ordnance pods, for example, making it capable of toting both the AGM-12A and AGM-12B Bullpup missiles, as
well as LAU-3A and LAU-6 Zuni rocket pod clusters.

Is it true? First time I read about Bullpup-armed Skyraider. I never hear before about it, never seen any pictures or anything. Maybe it's mistake?
If it is true – then the Skyraider would probably made a good launch platform, due to its slower speed, as the Bullpup needed to be guided all the way to its target.
As opposed to trying to guide the missile from a ‘fast mover’ (jet)


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