Siddeley/AWA/Avro Wings, 1936.


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20 January 2007
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Sir John Siddeley, owning AWA, bought Avro, 1928 and promptly funded, not big AWA, but the moth-also-ran sawer and sewer to licence Fokker's wooden wing, for Avro X. In 1932 he patented AWA's alloy wing and funded John Lloyd to design bomber-transport A.W.23 (f/f 4/6/35), from which A.W.38 Whitley was derived (f/f 17/3/36), ordered for RAF 8/35. Sir JS arranged 7/35 merger as Hawker Siddeley, and was first MD before Sir TOM Sopwith, 1936. Meanwhile Roy Chadwick did T.636 "the only Avro... to show...evidence of...absorption into {AS Devt.Co.}" AJ Jackson, Avro,Putnam,P.308, then in late-1933 put the Fokker wing low on a cabin twin as Imperial A/W's T.652 (f/f 7/1/35), and (to be) Anson (f/f 24/3/35). That made Chadwick credible for his 1937 Heavy, on his own alloy wing as Manchester, to defeat Super-Whitley schemes.

Clearly co-ordination at Group Board level was, ah, at arms' length. That continued even to competing bids to TSR.2. Could/should HS Group have put Chadwick and Lloyd together to remove duplication in wing design/investment?

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