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21 February 2007
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When the Kalinin K-7 bomber prototype crashed in November 1933, several other heavy transport/bomber aircraft projects were soon after stopped and cancelled.
One of the concerned projects was designed by Sergei Kozlov, from the Zhukovskii VVA, also known by his PS/AIR-4 transparent aircraft tested in 1930 and his EI, a variable-incidence wing fighter aircraft project in 1941.

Kozlov heavy transport aircraft was supposed to be powered by 12 engines and could have loaded its cargo via a rear ramp.

Any other information available on this Kozlov project?

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just a bits of info available

1931-1933 group of professors of aircraft engineering department of Zhukovsky Air Force Academy under auspices of S.G.Kozlov were attempting to build heavy bomber/transport aircraft dubbed Gigant (Giant) with wingspan of 60 meters ant TOW of 40 tons. Giant could even carry tanks.

Project was supported by Alksnis and Tukhachevsky from MoD.

12xM-17 engines in thick wing's leading edge, paired, every pair drives one of 6 propellers
two tail booms with empennage

Level of novelties in construction, weak industrial base of Academy, organisation hurdles and failure with twin M-12 tests lead to cancelling of funding and project itself
Airplane Kozlov's, flying wing area of 600 square meters, created on assignment Tukhachevsky to transport tanks. To download the tank was lowered platform, is part of the wing. To improve the flow, hidden in the wings and engines, twin engines, which were to trigger the six-puller.
We also know that there were two options for placement of screw-motor group


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also it its crew was 18-22 and fitted with 15 guns.
This project was really impressive.
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No details concerning the position of the horizontal stabilizer versus the main wing?
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