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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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HTTPS (secured with an SSL certificate) is now required for any website which you log on to by Google search, Chrome and Firefox otherwise they complain about it being insecure. To stop this, I have changed the forum to HTTPS.

Let me know if you see any problems.
I am using free certificates by

Supported Browsers:

Firefox >= 2.0 on any platform
Google Chrome (some issues on Windows XP)
Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP3 and higher (possible minor issues)
Microsoft Edge
Safari >= v4.0 (macOS 10.4 or higher)
Safari >= v3.1 (iOS)
Debian Linux >= v6
Ubuntu Linux >= v12.04
Amazon FireOS (Silk Browser)

Internet Explorer on Windows XP can be supported if needed only by creating a certificate with less secure encryption methods.

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