Saturn IB Improvement Study, Phase I


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12 August 2008
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Would anyone know where I could get my hands on a copy of the report for phase 1 of the Saturn IB Improvement Study?

The final report for phase 2, which I already have, is available from Scott Lowther's site, but the phase 1 report is not to be found there.
Well here's a NASA report on Saturn IB's using solid boosters. Sadly, it's not the improvement study, but interesting nonetheless.
There's also the paper by Orillion and Scott entitled "Selected Saturn Uprating Methods" that's recently been added to the USSRC/UAH collection. It briefly discusses the all-liquid Saturn IB upgrades that I'm interested in.

[General note about the USSRC/UAH site: be sure to search "all" libraries; it defaults to searching only USSRC or UAH.]
There are mountains of gems in that collection :eek:


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XP67_Moonbat said:

Didn't know that was up... would've been nice if he'd gotten my username right... LOL:)

That's a photo that I imported into Paint and retouched it... it was SO "weathered" from being copied or poorly preserved that it was barely visible anymore. I simply went over the remaining lines with new black lines to make it visible again.

I hope to post more summaries in the coming months...

OL JR :) aka luke strawwalker (not that kid from Star Wars...)

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