SARO M.7 fake flying boat


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26 May 2006
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the SARO M.7 fake delta-wing flying boat for a British film.


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A seaplane Cutlass?

Hi folks,
under the label devoted to postwar aircraft projects I saw a recent post about the F2Y Seadart. I have a question marginally pertaining that project but I prefer to submit it in the bar.
When I was very very young, in the first years of the Fifties of last century, I saw a movie entitled 'The Net', directed by Anthony Asquith.
I dont remember anything of that film but only that was a black and white B movie of British production. In the plot there was a 'supersonic fighter' called M-7 that in my childhood memory was a seaplane that to me remembered the F7U Cutlass (and also the fictitious designation M-7 is not too distant to F7U).
Probably all was the result of the fantasy of the screenplayer but I already asked myself if there was a possibility that Vought tendered to the same requirement of the Seadart with a version of the Cutlass project...
...and, moreover, any chance to see a photograph of the model of M-7 usede for the making of "The Net"?
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Et viola!


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Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Barrington Bond said:
Et viola!

I made a topic for this aircraft before,but I don't know where ?.
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Wow!!! Very cool !!!

Barrington do you have the pictures in bigger resolution ?
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Thank you Barrington,
evidently the link with Cutlass was a false memory, as thanks to your post I can see that the aircraft devised by the screenplayers was completeley different from anything real
thanks again
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Has quite a 'Saunders Roe' look about it. I wonder if there were any staff from that company as consultants to the project? Hmmm...
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Wow. That must have seemed great then and it still looks great now! Thanks for sharing.
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

Mach 2.8? Sudden turn? Some wild aircraft.
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

The pilot looks familiar. Is that Geoffrey Palmer? (As Time goes By)
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

royabulgaf said:
The pilot looks familiar. Is that Geoffrey Palmer? (As Time goes By)

No, the pilot is James Donald. He was also in The Great Escape and Quatermass and the Pit.
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

"It was certainly a bold design decision to locate the oxygen mask to the *outside* of the bubble helmet."

This is the early 50s. It's done like that so they can smoke. ;D
Re: A seaplane Cutlass?

It's done so the actors' mouths are not obscured when they speak.
Think of all the flying movies/shows where the 'hero pilot' *doesn't*
wear their oxygen mask.
Also, all the space movies/shows, I'm especially thinking the original
'Battlestar Galactica', and 'Alien', where the helmets have lights *inside*
them, to illuminate the actors' faces, unless they're the bad guys, in which
case they don't.
Why is Darth Vader so creepy? 'Cos you can't see his face...

The M.7 was never identified as being a Saunders Roe (Saro) design, fictional or otherwise. Flight magazine exclaims "Saro beware!"
This is it This was the "supersonic-flying-boat" I mentioned in another thread! (Which I can't find now...Grrr)

What was the movie name anyway? IIRC the last scene is a desk model of this with it's pitot tube pointing out an observatory window at a sky full of stars :)


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