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26 May 2006
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for Munchin sailplanes.
The Stingray ( is a rather unusual unbuilt project in that whilst no full-size example has [so far] been built, the R/C sailplane community has seized upon it and a great many scale models have been flown.

Taken from website -
"STINGRAY is an entirely new aerobatic sailplane designed by a group of freshly graduated polish aeronautical engineers.
This page was developed to find and rise money needed to build one prototype.
People interested should contact us at the e-mail address listed below.
We think that some words are in order to explain why we went into this adventure.
While ordinary sailplanes can be choosen among a large amount of type, there are only a few unlimited aerobatic machines, and a fair amount of these was produced more than two decades ago.
We are aware that there would be no great number with the production of this kind of sailplane, nevertheless, we think that there is place for our project.
We designed it to be the state-of-the-art, an all composite frame stressed for +/- 10 G.
The wing has an almost elliptical planform, ensuring a large wing area for a given span and an almost ideal lift distribution.
Wing tips are designed to reduce vortices but not manouverability.
The longer than usual tail moment arm ensures smoothness without loosing effectiveness.
What we were looking for was to design an airplane that will be easy to fly without imparting its aerobatic ability."

[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Wing span[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]12.8 m[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Wing area[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]12.62 sq.m[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Aspect ratio[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]13.3[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Wing Airfoil[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]NACA 6 Series[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Length[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]7.7 m[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Empty weight[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]298 Kg[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Gross weight[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]408 Kg[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Payload[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]110 Kg[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Wing load[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]33.3 Kg/sq m[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]Efficiency max[/font][font=arial,helvetica,geneva,swiss,sunsans-regular]32 at 120 Km/h[/font]

"The wing spar is a double chamber torque box made with glass and carbon fibers.
Airbrakes are placed aft the load carrying member.
Frise type ailerons are mass-balanced .
Rudder is aerodinamically and mass balanced.
Main landing gear is manually retractable with braking facility.
A small tail wheel is conceived in the tail.
Canopy is front-hinged balanced with gas strut".


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