SAAB 108 MULAS (Multi Utility Light Aircraft System) Transporter


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26 May 2006
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I can't ID this two variants aircraft,which was developed by SAAB.


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Some photos in a little better quality from Aviation Week 14/1975 and 18/1976:


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From 'Air International' August 1976 :-


SAAB SCANIA has concluded that there is a potential market for some 2,000 light transport aircraft in the next 15 years,

and has accorddingly completed project designs for such an aircraft. At one time referred to as the Mulas, this design is

now known as the Saab 108 Transporter, and both piston-engined and turboprop versions are being studied.

The basic configuration of the Transporter is similar to that of several other light utility transports already available or

under development. with emphasis upon simple construction and ease of maintenance. Rear loading through a two-piece

full-width upward-opening door is provided and the cabin offers a capacity of 515 cu ft (14,57 m3) in a length of 14.9 ft (4,54

m) and width of 5.65 ft (1,72 m).

Single-slotted flaps and pneumatically operated lift dumpers are fitted on the wing, which has a basic NACA 63418 aerofoil

section, modified at the leading edge for improved slow-flying. Designed to meet FAR 25 airworthiness standards, the

Transporter will be able to operate with one pilot at weights up to 12,500 Ib (5 670 kg) under FAR 135 as an air taxi. or at

higher weights with two crew under FAR 121 for full commercial operation. The airframe is to be designed for a 25,000-hr

life with 40,000 landings.

Total cost of the Transporter development programme is estimated to be SKr lOOm (about £ 13m) and is within the

resources of Saab Scania. although participation by other companies and by the Swedish government is possible. Both

the four-piston and twin turboprop engined versions have particular merits in specific applications and further market

studies are being made to assess the advisability of launching either one or both versions simultaneously. A decision is

expeccted this year. with first flight of the prototype possible in 1978 and production deliveries in 1980. Data for the two

alternative versions follow.

Power Plant: Four 320 hp Continental Tiara T6-320 piston engines. Fuel capacity, approx 330 Imp gal (I 500 1).

Performance: High speed cruise, 197 mph (316 km/h) at 10,000 ft (3 050 m); long-range cruise. 153 mph (246 km/h) at

10,000 ft (3050 m); take-off distance to 50 ft (15,2 m), ISA sI, 1,380 ft (420 m); landing distance from 50ft (15,2 m), ISA si, 3-

deg approach (FAR 121/135),2,100 ft (640 m); range with 19 passengers, 115 mls (185 km); range with max fuel and 2,380 Ib

(1080 kg) payload, 1.300 mls (2090 km). Weights: Operating weight empty. cargo config, one crew. 7,500 Ib (3 400 kg);

operating weight empty, 19 pass, two crew, 8,220 Ib (3730 kg): max fuel, 2,650 Ib (I 200 kg); max payload. 5,000 Ib (2270

kg); normal take-off weight (FAR 135). 12,500 Ib (5670 kg); max take-off weight (FAR J21). 13,500 Ib (6120 kg); max landing

weight, 12,500 Ib (5670 kg).

Power Plant: Two 850 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-45 or Garrett TPE 331 turboprops. Fuel capacity approx 330 Imp gal (I 500

I). Performance: High speed cruise, 251 mph (403 km/h) at 10,000 ft (3 050 m); long range cruise, 212 mph (340 km/h) at J

0,000 ft (3050 m); take-off distance to 50 ft (I 5,2 m), ISA sI. 1,263 ft (385 m): landing distance from 50ft (15,2 m), ISA si, 3-deg

approach (FAR 121/135),2,100 ft (640 m); range with 19 passengers, 200 mls (324 km); range with max fuel and 2,380 Ib (I

080 kg) payload, 645 mls (1037 km). Weights: Operating weight empty, cargo con fig. one crew, 6. 7241b (3 050 kg);

operating weight empty, 19 pass, two crew, 7,452 Ib (3380 kg); max payload, 5,622 Ib (2550 kg); other weights as piston-

engined version above.

Dimensions: (both versions, approximate):

Span 55 ft 9 in (17,0 m); length, 41 ft lOin (12,75 m); height, 14 ft 5 in (4,4 m).



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SAAB intended the Model 108 for developing countries with limited surface transport and few airports. They stated that the aircraft would have better load-carrying ability than its competitors when using tough airfields at high altitudes in tropical climates. The twin rudders were said to give better response at high angles of attack, as in very slow landings and takeoffs, and also to give better control in engine-out conditions.

The version with four piston-engines was expected to sell for $800,000 in 1976 dollars. The version with two turboprop engines was expected to sell for $1 million in 1976 dollars,

Photograph of model of SAAB 108 powered by two turboprops on display at the Hanover Air Show in 1976.

Source: Kocivar, Ben. "Sleek New Birds at the Hanover Air Show" Popular Science November 1976


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Photograph (top) of model of four piston-engine version of SAAB 108 on display at the Hanover Air Show in 1976.

Photograph (bottom) of model of two turboprop-engine version of SAAB 108 on display at the Hanover Air Show in 1976.

Source: "Hanover Show Review" Flight International May 15, 1976 Page 1286.


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here is SAAB-108 in some details.


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Here some pictures of the Saab 108 Mulas, taken with an overhead scanner at the university three years ago.

Source: Flug Revue + flugwelt, August 1976, page 45-47


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Found at the Facebook group "The greatest Planes that never..."


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