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17 January 2006
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I've recently discovered the handiness of an RSS feed that not only lets me monitor the news and have the news sent to my iPhone as well as my Google Reader account. I tried out the RSS feed for this forum and for whatever reason, it only gives me forum posts from November 29 and earlier.

Is there a forum setting that lets the RSS feed work? I've turned my stuff upside down and don't see anything (extra logins, etc) that I should be doing on my end. I figured this would be a great way to check and keep up with the forum when I'm away from my home computer.
RSS feed seemed to be broken. Fixed now I think?

Feed for whole forum is;type=rss

Or you can subscribe to an individual board using the RSS feed icon.
Thanks Paul, it's working now. With several forums I follow/participate in, having RSS feeds for the forum makes it a bit easier as I don't have to be at my computer to follow the discussions, I can just get it downloaded to my iPhone.

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