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Rhein-Flugzeugbau List


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May 26, 2006
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the Rhein-Flugzeugbau GmbH (RFB) was a German aircraft manufacturer,the company was
established at Krefeld, Germany in 1955, and later moved to Mönchengladbach.

Here is the aircraft which it involved,whatever designed or co-operated;

Fischer-Boretzki FiBo
RWF RW-3 Multoplan
RFB-Beteiligung Leichtflugtechnik Union (LFU)
RFB-Übernahme der Sportavia-Pützer
RFB Sirius Motorsegler
RFB Schubgondel SG / Fan Pod
RFB Fanliner
RFB Fanstar
Vought V.538 Eaglet (NGT-Ausschreibung)
Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Fantrainer
RAF Provost T.3A Ersatz — AST. 412-Second trainer call for the Luftwaffe
Rockwell/ RFB Fan Ranger
Collins X.112
RFB X.113, CLST ESKA-1, Bavar 2
RFB X114
RFB X-215
RFB X.117
RFB FL-5 und FF Whisper-Fan
Airfish AF-1 & AF-2
Airfish AF-3
Airfish Flarecraft L-325
Airfish AF-8

- Flightship Ground Effect Pty;
Flightship FS-40
Hoverwing HW2VT
Hoverwing HW20
Hoverwing HW5S0 Wingship WSH 500
Hoverwing HW80
Flyship GmbH

- Flyship GmbH
Hoverwing HW4

Fantrainer developments;

RFB AWI-2 - Fantrainer prototype from 1977 with Wankel engine, later converted to ATI-2 standard
RFB ATI-2 - second Fantrainer prototype with Allison turbine of 1978, loss due to crash 1978
RFB ATI-2ki - like ATI-2 with shortened wing
RFB ATI-4 - projected four-seat Fantrainer variant of 1974
RFB FT-400 - modified cockpit range with 1984 Allison 250-C20B
RTAF FT-400 - like RFB FT-400 with metal blades from Thai production
RTAF B.F.18 - type designation RTAF FT-400 in Thailand
RTAF B.F.18k - type designation RTAF FT-600 in Thailand
RFB FT-600 - modified cockpit range with 1984 Allison 250-C30B
RFB FT-800 - projected with 800 hp turbine drive from 1993
RFB FT-1000 - projected with 1000 HP turbine drive and Waffenträgeraufnahme, projected for Paraguay
from 1988
RFB FT-1200 - designed with 1200 HP turbine drive
RFB FT-1500 - configured with 1500 HP turbine drive
RFB Tiro Trainer - modernized version of the Fantrainer from 1994
Fanjet FJ-600 - modernized version of the RFB FT-600