Request for help for realistic CG's on Chinese projects !


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2 January 2006
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Hmmm ??? I hope this is the right place for such a quest ....

Hi to all You magnificent artists,

I’ve always been a great fan of Your work and I’m especially impressed how fast some You manage to finish them with very sparse information available. Now I had an idea, for which You might help me.

Maybe You know I’m a great enthusiast of Chinese aviation and since about four years I’m working together with Tony Buttler on a series of articles esp. “Chinese Secret Fighter Projects”. Finally our article is nearly ready for one future issue of the International Airpower Review, but our biggest problem is the lack of good pictures or realistic illustrations esp. for the early Dong-Feng-types (see here for an older version: and,39.0.html).


Thanks to my master of profiles “Sentinel Chicken” there are some brilliant side profiles available, based on the few grainy pictures of desk-top- or wind-tunnel-models + some additional vague information, but we miss some more realistic impressions in 3-D to get a better “feeling” of how these types might have looked like in service or at least in flight.

Therefore I would like to ask, if anyone could help us with some “realistic” CG’s of the DF-104, DF-107 and DF-107A and the DF-113 … maybe also for the J-9 to J-13. I don’t know if something like the two CG's below of the J-9 versions found in a Chinese blog would be possible … or feasibly (and affordable Too)

I would be glad if You would be interested.
Cheers + best regards,

Andreas (= Deino)


  • J-9VI-2 CG best small.jpg
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  • J-9 CG best - clear 02 small.jpg
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I am interested but a bit busy...
Is there a budget for this project?
That could help alot ;)
Contact me thru pm and I will send you examples of my work.


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