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27 April 2007
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now that ı have rightly or wrongly assumed that there has been a proposal to see what would ı do with it at,5989.0.html

ı would like to take the opportunity to get into the mode. ( ı have a one and a half year of industrial engineering failure ) . As it has been rightly pointed out that straight rocketry would be far too hot for human health we will happen to delve into certain wordplays here . ı have been a student to be a teacher for the language of Shakespeare for , let me see , about for 8 years and probably it will be safer for me.

and ı will examine the ideas until the the first three options are exhausted or topic getting locked on the basis of whichever comes first . ı can't complain for the second option as there are times it prevents too much egg on my face .


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the Earl Hayley fins suggest 1950s as the period and ı am reliably informed that pulling wool over eyes were easier in those days . Today kids will be jumping all around the place by mentioning the wires , they learn far too much from TV shows and internet . ı saw a prize winning illusionist getting P.Anderson high in the air in a TV show about 15 days ago . So we will have a stage , suitably painted wires , a rocket system or more truthfully some steam/smoke generator with far more bark than bite , a presenter with all the qualities that presenters have ,and he will surely say " We don't want her to go to space , do we ? It is cold up there " getting the guys to concentrate on her attire as if they would be looking somewhere else ,something for her to hold on that -in the description of the presenter - will be for keeping her here in the atmosphere while the guy who holds the other end of the tether will help her turn around as if she was making flight manouvres . The stage background will preferably have flickering lights to simulate starlight and the wires moving around to carry her to different parts will not be noticed by blocking the light . ı don't know if that style of highheels were fashionable by then but it will be a good show as long as you avoid making too much fuss at Flopnik/Kaputniks which befalls space programmes time to time .

getting it for freeflight , with stress on flight will be quite a different proposition . The 1984 Olympics flight will probably be the yardstick . ı remember reading a small newspaper article while ı was at the 10th grade which mentioned in the year 2000 Turkish troops would finally have waterproof suits and boots while Americans would be airborne personally . We have Goretex , if that is the correct spelling , but Pentagon prefers boots on the ground ı guess . Returning to the problem at hand getting her into something like a burqa would be really nice so that we could hide the fuel tanks , provide sufficient heat protection and it would fit Oriental stereotypes that assume women are to be herded / tightly controlled , by ropes if necessary , but that will be unacceptably easy cheating for a guy that has been on record talking about " hamburgers" .

and getting to full freeflight , now that is something for my betters . ı was advised to wait , ı guess , to get Federico Capasso's Nature article to get mentioned in Turkish newspapers , but even if somebody has a clue on how to make it work in full size , which will be a very big if , the answers will not be available to me . ı believe there was a comic series named Danny Futuro and they had the best of levitation devices and weapons killed their victims by moving them to orbit . ı have long grown a dislike for such anti-gravity devices .The flames would be only for forward thrust , limited in power to lengthen endurance if they were to be combined with the leviatition machinery . And ı am not saying they exist . So the result : one miss , two chances remaining .
In taking a topic that is really quite borderline already and then running with it in the direction of lunacy, this topic is firmly closed.

r16 if you can't stick losely to the topic of aviation for at least some of your posts, I will have to ban you from posting.
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