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30 November 2007
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Dear Secret Projects Members, I am seeking assistance for more modelmaking references. I have identified an important Polish airliner prototype that I wish to produce in model form. Please can any of you recommend sources for accurate reference material? I especially require good general arrangement drawings to assist in pattern-making, but any and all suggestions will be most welcome. The attractive and rakish design is the PZL.44 "Wicher"; it looks very smart except for its plywood nose-cone which looks like a bit of an afterthought......

I do hope that some of you will be able to assist me.

All best wishes,

Terry, (Caravellarella).
I can highly recommend you 'Polish Aircraft 1893-1939' by
Jerzy B.Cyncnk for a complete description
and : for an
excellent 3view.

But since this design is not a project, it belongs in the scale modeling section.

I have found a drawing of the PZL-44

Span 23.8m, Length 18.45 m, Height 4.8 m, Wing Surface 75 sqm, Engines two Wright Cyclone GR-1820 G2, colour overall aluminium, Registration SP-BPJ in black characters.


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Dear Justo Miranda, thank you very much for the drawing of the PZL.44; it is very helpful. Did your drawing come with any aerofoil & fuselage cross sections?

All best wishes, Terry, (Caravellarella).
Sure, Terry.
The fuselage cross sections are oval semi-monocoque and was built up of transverse U-section wings and longitudinal Z-section stringers and smooth "Alclad" sheet, as you can see in the attached picture.

I do not have any drawings on the airfoil designed by Jerzy Dabrowski but you may try to find them at

David Lednicer
Analytical Methods, Inc.
2133 152nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

or try a reconstruction using the program at

If everything fails, you may use the Douglas DC-2 (NACA 2215) airfoil, being certain that you will not err much.

All the best,


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One of the urls was wrongly written. Instead of
it should be

Sorry about that.
Dear Justo Miranda, thank you for the recommendations; I am very familiar with "The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage" and it has been very useful to me in the past. The airfoil computation software is new to me though, and I will be sure to investigate it fully.

All best wishes, Terry, (Caravellarella).
I don't know if you are still looking for material, but these photos are of the original PZL-44 trade show display model, from around 1937. The interior is complete, but hard to photograph.


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Almost not helpfull as I'm not building and colour the aircraft models now ...
It's worth to add, 'cause nobody mentioned it, that Wicher means " strong wind ".
Dear Circle-5, thank you for the pictures of this excellent model of a really neat-looking airliner......

Terry (Caravellarella)
With regard to using toxic materials on models, this PZL-44 is entirely covered with lead sheeting. Panel lines, access doors and rivets are all engraved into the lead, using stencils. Of course, this was before WWII, so the worker's health was not important. This model was exhibited at the Paris Air Show in November, 1938. If anybody has a picture of it at the show (which was held indoors at the Grand Palais, not Le Bourget airfield) I would be very grateful for a copy.
Such small vertical tails!
We wonder how well it flew after one engine quit.
Polish control line model..PZL-44 WICHER from 1962 ..Modeller Janusz Koczkodaj


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World Expo New York....1938...Polish Pawilon and model PZL-44 Wicher(rot arrow)...and L-14 Super Electra!!!


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Captured aircraft....Lwow 1939 PZL-44 WICHER ...SP-BPJ.


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Plany samolotuwykonane przez budowniczego modelu na Expo w Nowym Jorku Mieczysława Plucińskiego...'

Airplane plans made by the model builder at the Expo in New York, Mieczysław Pluciński ... [translation added by moderator]


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Rysunek z folderu ofertowegoPZL-u na Salon Lotniczy w Paryżu....stąd pomyłka,że ten samolot był tam wystawiony!!!

A drawing from the PZL offer folder for the Paris Aviation Salon... hence the mistake that this plane was exhibited there !!! [translation added by moderator]


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Hi ... Is it possible to contact the photographer of the PZL-44 Wicher model ???
Unfortunately, it seems that the user circled-5 passed away. Has anyone got any information concerning the whereabouts of the PZL-44 Wicher display model, the photos of which he had posted?

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