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By the way, anybody knows if that missile carrier Type XXI subs (V1 and V2 launchers) are real unbuilt projects or just whatif?
AFAIK, there was no project regarding the V-1. For the V-2, there was the idea of carrying the missiles in sealed canister towed by the submarine, then raise them vertically and launch (forerunner of the US Project Hydra). Problem of the V-2 was its very short range and having to launch surfaced.
Thanks I have info about that V-2 project by I didn't knew about Project Hydra. Was it based on the German towed container system?. Which was the missile choosen, an V-2 copy?
Actually the concept surfacesd (pun intended) more than one time. Immediately after the war there were tests with scale model of barges carrying missiles, but the effort was abandoned circa 1948 because the system proved rather impractical (exhaust gases from the missile tended to destroy the barge before liftoff). Second time, Project Hydra from 1960, submarines were used only to carry the missile sealed in a container to a pre-defidned anchorage point. The container was then anchored to the seafloor. When necessary, a remore ontrol would release the anchor, the containr woul surface and the missile launched. Was a method to hide retaliatory reserve weapons. The missile intended for Hydra was the Minuteman. A concept similar was proposed again at the end of the '70s and during the '80s debate on MX basing. I have ashort hint that before hat it was studied and seriously considered under Strat-X.
A link about Hydra here http://jcgi.pathfinder.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,826376,00.html
Uh, I forgot: something very similar to Hydra (no sealed container, a pressurized and sealed booster instead) was intended for one of the superboosters devised by Robert Truax, the Sea Dragon, circa 1962-3. More info on the APR artcle by Scott (I think APR Vol 4, Number 6)
Anybody here remember the old C.B. Colby books on various subjects for grade-schoolers? In one of them was a photo of a missile floating at sea from the USN 60s project Project Hydra.



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