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27 April 2007
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ı had questioned something ı had seen on a blog that said the area defended by a Phalanx was 1200 square meters . If that had been the area described by the r=1200 in the equation , ı would have no problems . Even if the 155mm shells or 122 mm rockets are smaller than anti-ship missiles , the 1200 sqm figure would probably mean only the area the weapon trailer was positioned . In that case why not sand bags ? They are probably far cheaper .
Can you provide a link to the blog?

My guess is that this is the surprisingly common confusion between square meters and meters square (i.e., the coverage is "1200 meters square," which is to say a square 1200 meters by 1200 meters, or 1.44 million square meters.)
1200 (m^2) would be a circle with a diameter of less than 40m. This is obviously incorrect.
thanks to both answers . ı was just thinking like Howedar and TomS explanation is quite possible , ı will check it at home .
ı was searching something else when ı came across the


and it said "Each system can cover a 1,200 square meter area and costs $25 million. "

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