Oldest warship in active service


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15 September 2009
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Thougt I'd start an interesting new topic.

The oldest warship in current actice service.
My criteria:
1) Has to be a fully active and manned ship.
2) A ship that is seaworthy i.e. not a museum ship
3) Must be armed and expected to carry out frontline duties
4) Can be a surface ship or a submarine

I was reading an artical in wikipedia about British Algerine class ships, and apparently there is still one active with the Royal Thai Navy

Kudos to whom ever finds the oldest ship!
There are warships in service with the Philippines that are older than that; in fact they date back to WWII.
Thailand - HTMS Phosampton, minesweeper launched as HMS Minstrel 5-Oct-1944, now a training ship.
Philippines - BRP Quezon, launched as USS Vigilance 5-Apr-1943. BRP Rizal, launched as USS Murrelet 29-Dec-1944.

Found out that HMS Caroline is the third oldest commissioned warship in the world after USS Constitution and HMS Victory, she serves as HQ for RNR in Belfast but doesn't really count in this study.
The oldest carrier in use is the INS Viraat, launched as HMS Hermes in 1953 and commissioned in 1959.
Cuold be the ASR Kommuna, commissioned in... 1913!!!!


The Kommuna is an interesting clue, thanks for pointing out. A friend of mine is ship
modeler and always looking for interesting objects. He can try this ! ;D

But : "3) Must be armed and expected to carry out frontline duties"

Because of this criteria, I had to rule out the Krusenstern, built as Padua in 1926 :-\
(and later I saw, that it is a civil training ship now)
Jemiba said:
But : "3) Must be armed and expected to carry out frontline duties"



If you want old ships, you must look for South American Navies...

Best candidate I've found so far:

"The ARM Manuel Azueta (D-111) is a Manuel Azueta-class destroyer. It is one of only two destroyers in the Mexican Navy, the other being the ARM Netzahualcóyotl (D-102), and the only destroyer in its class. The Manuel Azueta was originally the USS Hurst (DE-250), an Edsall class destroyer escort. It is used in drug interdiction."

"Laid down: 27 January 1943
Launched: 14 April 1943
Commissioned: 30 August 1943"

Info grabbed from Wiki.

Depending on your definition of front line duty, there are a slew of central/south american navies with armed river patrol boats that were commisioned in the 30's.

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