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26 August 2007
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Well, I'll just go ahead and flat-out say it right here and now: I need money :p In fact, I need money so badly I've gotten desperate enough to actually design my own aircraft :p In case you're wondering, no it's not some sort of Mach 3 airliner (my engineering background, though specializing in supersonics, doesn't quite extend to that and yes I'm about to deploy my third razzie smilie in this post so far :p ) but a very simple, very slow GA aircraft - and before you fail to take me seriously for even such a small project I would like to direct your attention to here. I think there would be demand for this aircraft and I'd like to not only make it a reality but, well, profit from it. So does any one here have any ideas, particularly any manufacturers that might be interested?

Oh, and specifically speaking, it's an ultra-light design.

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