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Odd behaviour.

Foo Fighter

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Jul 19, 2016
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A large turbofan, probably a twin right now overhead. Six lights two forward facing, the aircraft is @ about 5,000' or so but as far as I know centred on Cheltenham for the westwards leg with the eastern leg a way north of the town. Just flying racetrack pattern over and over. The engines seem to be almost muted which is similar to the A400 but not a turboprop to my ears anyway. There is a similarity to the B2 which was coming and going a while back now but lit up like a christmas tree. Looking for green and red navigation lights but the angle might make that difficult. W = white light and R = a red light. The bottom of the diagram is direction of travel. The aircraft was here for about an hour, the two white lights adjacent to the single red light seemed to be associated with landing gear/lights.


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