Northrup Grumman Wedge-tail Supersonic Aircraft Design Patent



"Supersonic Aircraft"
Assigned to Northrup Grumman by the inventors

This looks like something that might have been considered for a 'quiet sonic boom' transport/bomber configuration.
Hey you're right about that aircraft as a possible bomber. If you get a copy of Orion's "US Bomber Projects Preview", you will see that one as well as a few new ones. You won't be disappointed. Trust me it's worth getting. Just ask Orion.
I might try and e-mail Orion... later and ask him what his book includes. I already have a fair number of texts specifying qualities and preformance of different military planes after 1950 or so.

I did actually see the link to "U.S. Bomber Projects Review".

It's money I can't spare without a good paying job and I would need to visit a library with CD-ROM equipped computers to be able to utilize the information.,604.0/highlight,qsp.html
Thank you, flateric...

Posting #4 of the post you refer to above has a 'drawing board' representation of a bomber similar to the supersonic aircraft patent in this topic. Many pictures in that topic are interesting. There are several regular patents and also design patents covered by those pictures. I don't have the numbers for them now, however.

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