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11 January 2010
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THe Northrop X216H was the flying wing jet bomber proposal since of WW2 but It was not adopted by USAAF,but I think It may influenced on YB-35 or YB-49.Here are It specifications may like the YB-49.Here cutaway drawing of this aircraft


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You're being mistaken here, my friend. "X216H" was the civil registration of Northrop's very first aircraft, the Avion 1 from 1929. It was sort of a flying-wing, not quite, but indeed it got Northrop started on the subject of flying-wings, which was dear to him throughout his life.

The picture above is of a B-35 bomber!
Here's the "1929 Flying Wing" as it was called. It was tested as both a tractor and a pusher.


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skytamer [.] com/Avion_Experimental_No.1.html
  • Model: Avion Experimental 1 (Northrop)
  • Description: 1/2-seat, open cockpit, landplane, monoplane
  • Original Engine: Menasco, 4-cylinder
  • Engine Power: 90-hp
  • Wing Span: 30 ft 6 in
  • Wing Area: 20 ft²
  • Length: 20 ft
  • Height: 5 ft
  • Empty Weight: no data
  • Gross Weight: 1,100 lbs
  • Top Speed: no data
  • Year Built: 1928-29
  • ATC: none

    second [.] wiki/wiki/northrop_experimental_no1
    After about a year of construction, the avion prototype was completed and an experimental license with the aircraft registration number (N) X216H was granted. The entire construction was granted a US patent on May 10, 1929 (# 1,929,255). For the maiden flight, Northrop hired test pilot Edward Bellande, who took off with the No.1 in Burbank , but landed on a place in the desert in Muroc . According to another source, the machine was shipped to Muroc by truck. [1]Bellande assessed the flight characteristics of the small machine as very satisfactory and carried out a large number of test flights over the dry lake in the Mojave Desert. The maximum speed is said to have been around 25% higher than that of a conventional aircraft of comparable size and performance.
    - - - - - - -

    Other reports say that it compared well with other planes of its class in all criteria, and was markedly faster than any of the others.

    I like to notice the resemblance to the later Higgins/Bellanca 39-60 / HC-57, and the Boeing model 360-362 bombers.


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