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3 November 2007
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Noticed a new listing on Amazon and had to check Ian Allan about subject. Secret Projects:Military Space Projects by Bill Rose, due June 2008.
Little more info here:

Definitely sounds interesting...
another one for the ever lengthening list........ thanx for the heads up............8)
I've been trying to open this Ian Allan page since yesterday, but I don't seem to be having any luck.

I have found a new Secret Projects book listed on Amazon US for release next year, but there are no details! Is it the same book?
This book outlines the development of space technology for military purposes from its very beginnings during World War 2 right up to the latest, most sophisticated systems. The author starts with references to the prewar era, then goes on to discuss German rocketry during World War 2 and their bold wartime ambitions, which were finally developed during the Cold War. By the mid-1950s, space was being visualized as the next big battlefield and both the US and Soviet Union had ambitions to expand their domains into the solar system. Many of these ideas were completely impractical, way beyond possible realisation, extremely dangerous and completely unaffordable. By the start of manned spaceflight, missions became politically motivated, although military projects continued in the background and this would eventually surface as the Star Wars (SDI) proposals.

This is a serious factual study about the many projects that have come to the drawing board since the very beginning of space technology development; from the early experiments by the Germans in World War 2, through the X-plane era, 'Star Wars' and then to advanced spaceplane projects such as NASP (National Aerospace Plane), Copper Coast and the Aurora spaceplane, Soviet spaceplanes and long range USAF hypersonic strike and orbital aircraft. Many photographs are included to illustrate the detailed and comprehensive text..

This title has not yet been published. It is currently scheduled to appear in June 2008

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