New Rolls-Royce & Allison Museum open to public - Indianapolis


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May 26, 2011
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There is a neat engine museum open in Indianapolis - at the Rolls-Royce (former Allison) plant on the SW side. 2401 W Raymond Street - so it is on the "back" side of their plant. Look for the RR Totem at the "T" intersection. Turn into the property and look for a large blue building with a white modern upswept entry - usually three to nine flags flying in front. Open weekdays only. 9:30 = 4:00 (plant working hours) and inside their Training center. Engines include Liberty, X-4520, several V1710's (their Merlin is on loan) W3420, J33 cutaway, J-35 running cutaway, J71,Viper, TF41,T800, several M250's auto gas turbines including a Chevy Caprice turbine, T40, T56 -several one in the nacelle, Pegasus, Olympus from Concorde, 571, AE1107, AE2100, AE3007, Minuteman II, and LOTS of 1/33 scale models. Neat place! Phone is 317-230-4882 (recording of hours etc.) All volunteer museum - and they have an archive open for researchers.


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Dec 31, 2006
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Thanks for the heads-up, sounds great. Wouldn't recommend going today though, might be a tad busy at 16th and Georgetown.

Speaking of which, you could work in a visit to the IMS museum on the same trip, which is a must-see for any self-respecting gearhead.