New book on reusable space transportation systems due in September


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6 January 2009
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Springer is about to publish the title "Reusable Space Transportation Systems" at the beginning of September:

The emphasis is on European concepts of the last two decades, e.g. the work done in FESTIP. Note that Peter Sacher is also one of the authors of "Deutsche Raketenflugzeuge und Raumtransporter-Projekte", vol. 34 of "Die deutsche Luftfahrt", which was previously discussed on this forum.

Full disclosure: While I had no previous knowledge of or direct input into the writing of this book, I know both gentlemen who penned it personally and had the pleasure of working with them over a decade ago on FESTIP (and hope to see one or two of my designs in this publication ;))

The book is out now. PDFs of the Table of Contents, the Preface and a sample chapter are available under the Springer website link above.

The price is not so excellent (at least for Crisis times) :-[
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