New Air Force Study "Technology Horizons" release date unknown


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21 April 2009
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A sweeping re-assessment of the technology investments the Air Force will need in order to stay ahead of potential adversaries’ capabilities comes at “pivotal” time in the air service’s history, Air Force Chief Scientist Werner Dahm told Inside the Air Force this week.
Release date maybe sooner rather than later. From -

‘Technology Horizons’ Study To Be Briefed To Donley, Schwartz Next Month
The Air Force’s ‘Technology Horizons’ study, which makes recommendations on what science and technology investments the air service can make today to provide “game-changing” capabilities in the next two decades, is on track to be presented to service leadership by the end of next month, the Air Force’s chief scientist told Inside the Air Force this week.
A little more information on the study, from Defense News -
Thanks a lot for sharing. I found that information fascinating.

News about MAV seem very promising. I also heard recently about experiments with real insects controlled by electronic devices attached to its nervous system. Perhaps a sort of cyborg MAV would be the final evolution of that concept.

The "Dell" delivery system is also very attractive. Collaborative and adaptative systems...For me it's really exciting to hear that familiar biological/ecological efficiency concepts translated to other fields.
I just hope we are actually close to fielding hypersonic cruise missiles and eventually hypersonic aircraft.
pometablava said:
Thanks a lot for sharing. I found that information fascinating.

News about MAV seem very promising. I also heard recently about experiments with real insects controlled by electronic devices attached to its nervous system. Perhaps a sort of cyborg MAV would be the final evolution of that concept.

Nitpicking, that's a reverse cyborg, a psychotron.
psychotron: never heard that terminology before. Many thanks for the info mz :)

Hypersonic missile and aircraft are the big stick, obviously but MAV will probably pin point targets for it.
Public release of report in 30 days apparently, from the Air Force Association:

Air Force Technology Plan Unveiled: Air Force Chief Scientist Werner Dahm on Wednesday rolled out the much-anticipated Technology Horizons report that lays out the service's science and technology priorities for the next decade and beyond. It comes after the service conducted a year-long, comprehensive review. Far from a list of "pie-in-the-sky" technologies, Dahm told reporters during a Pentagon roundtable, the report identifies efforts that will be "disproportionately valuable" to the Air Force, and could create a force that looks significantly different by 2030 than the one operating today. "This is not science fiction," he said. Indeed, concepts in the report had to be "credibly visionary," and many are based on efforts that have already had a significant amount of basic research done, he said. "Generation-after-next" technology efforts discussed in the report include the expansion of adaptable autonomous systems in remotely piloted vehicles, closer human-machine coupling, and building "cyber-resilient" networks capable of morphing and anticipating threats, said Dahm. Public release of the 150-page report is scheduled for next week.

Story #2

Good Timing: The recent completion of the Technology Horizons review and subsequent formulation of well-defined science and technology priorities come at an important juncture for the Air Force, says Werner Dahm, the service's chief scientist. Prior to Technology Horizons, the service had not conducted a thorough scrub of its science and technology activities in more than 15 years, he told reporters Wednesday in the Pentagon. Yet the Air Force—and Defense Department overall—now faces three leading trends that make having a technology vision all the more critical, he said. First, the global strategic picture is shifting, with the US still as the sole superpower, but facing several rising powers. Second, more countries are gaining access to advanced technology—or developing it themselves. Third, budget pressures are likely to increase in coming years, impacting resources available for research, he said. (See Air Force Technology Plan Unveiled above)
I'm convinced that's the right way to go. With Cold War the shape of the World changed again and most weapons from that Era are now . obsolete. The "War on Terror" are proving that. To win conflicts and wars in the XXI you need both different minded politics and arsenals.

From my knowledge some concepts adapted from Nature (predator strategies) seem to be fitted to the environment proposed for future conflicts and wars: discrete objectives, infiltration, urban combat, subterranean instalation supression...

Excuse me for being just an ignorant, but sometimes I ask myself if an F-22 is today as just questionable as it was IJN's Yamato in 1945?

I'll wait for more of your interesting posts, bobbymike
I better read the report more carefully than the Air Force Association article. The report is due out NEXT WEEK!! For some reason I read next month ::)
ANyone know if/where the report is available now? I couldn't find it on the AF main site.
I cannot find it either. Usually has these reports (paid for site) but I could not find anything. Delayed maybe?
Couldn't find it at Air University but other interesting technology papers there -

And here -
Here we go old chap:
Updating 30 year munitions roadmap:

AAC Launches Effort To Gain Better Knowledge Of Industry's Weapons R&D
As the Air Force prepares to update its 30-year munition roadmaps, the Air Armament Center has launched an industry outreach program in an attempt to get a better read on the progress of a company's internal weapon development projects that could potentially fill critical focus areas and gaps, according to service officials and contractors.
Pometablava's question as to whether the F-22 is relevant - I say yes. Relevant to the "war on terror", not necessarily but there's plenty out there in regards to potential threats from China and, I suppose Russia, that the F-22 does have complete relevance as a deterrent. If you have to go to war, you should do so with the best weapons available, not be evenly matched.

Enjoy the Day! Mark

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