National Geographic, January 1981


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3 June 2006
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These scanned pitures are from the article "They're Redesigning the Airplane", written by Micheal E. long and James A. Sugar and published in the magazine "National Geographic", January 1981, Vol. 159, No.1.

The stealth fighter looks like a larger two seater version of the Loran concept of the "F-19 Stealth Figther". Painting by NGS Artist William H. Bond.
I would also love those models hanging in my bedroom ;D


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The model "subsonic transport aircraft with canards" in the hands of Bard Allison seems to me a model of the Lockheed nuclear-powered aircraft studies.
I realised that the black plane in the right up corner can be Lockheed´s AMSA bomber

You're right Matej. There is a 3 view drawing of this AMSA design at Jay Miller's Lockheed Skunk Works book
I'll have to re-size them to fit here, but I've got good scans of that last page and of a close-up of the 3-view there. I've got the entire magazine if anyone wants scans.
I've got the entire magazine if anyone wants scans.

could you please email me a copy?

Thanks a lot :)
Okay, copies are emailed to those who asked for them. Here are forum compatible versions of both scans:


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