N-1: For the Moon and Mars, By ARA Press

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Aug 13, 2007
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the guys who gave us "Spaceship Handbook" and "The Saucer Fleet"


bring us "N-1: For the Moon and Mars, A Reference Guide to the Soviet Superbooster"
written by Matt Johnson, Nick Stevens, Alexander Shliadinsky, Igor Bezyaev, Vladimir Antipov

235 pages on 80# coated stock
8½” x 11”, w/durable Smyth-sewn hardcover binding
Over 400 photographs and illustrations, most in color
Over 100 pages of detailed data drawings showing interiors and exteriors of all the stages and assemblies

PART I &em; History and Specifications
Chapter 1: The N-1 Story: A Brief History
Chapter 2: Specifications and Clarifications Regarding the N-1
Chapter 3: The N1-L3 Moon Mission Profile
Chapter 4: The N-1 for Mars and Venus
PART II –Detailed Descriptions and Renderings
Chapter 5: The Story of the N-1 Diagram. Part 1: Developing the Diagram
Chapter 6: The Story of the N-1 Diagram. Part 2: Differences in Design between N1-3L thru N1-7L
Chapter 7: N-1 Reference Guide: Detailed Documentation
Chapter 8: N-1 Reference Guide: N1-3L Block A
Chapter 9: N-1 Reference Guide: N1-3L Block B
Chapter 10: N-1 Reference Guide: N1-3L Block V
Chapter 11: N1-L3 Complex Reference Guide
Chapter 12: N1-L3 Fairing/LES Reference Guide
Chapter 13: N-1 Launch Complex
Appendix A: The L3 Moon Mission Renderings by Nick Stevens
Appendix B: The N-1 Medal
Appendix C: Tower Rail Carriage Design Details
Appendix D: Author Bios

ISBN 978-0-9899914-0-7
Price: $39.95 plus shipping

To Drop the prize the made Kickstart to push the prize to half $39.95
the backers get A copy of the book, autographed (by bookplate) by all of the authors and CD with high resolution Scan of the Book Illustration.
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