my fictional Fighter...have a look!


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27 January 2009
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hi heres a few pictures i doodled of something that popped in my head other day.
It is totally ficticious, but some of you guys out there may appreciate it!(or have a laugh!)
its a kind of ramjet powered interceptor, without realizing it, it seemed to have bits of an he162,in there!
anyway it was just a bit of fun...maybe a bit luftwaffe 1947 even! ;D :D


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Very nice (It probably would have a bit of trouble finding a long enough intact runway in 1945 Germany and staying out of transonic speed ranges once airborne, but it looks pretty and well organised).
i also thought afterwards that it would need quite a big fuel tank for them ramjets! oh well.
thanks for the compliment.
High quality drawing, indeed :eek:

Can I suggest you to visit this site:
not bad

remind me on SO-9000 Trident
thats it!... the trident!
i knew it reminded me of something!
haha ;D
In the back of my mind, it must have what shaped it without even knowing it!
Sometimes life makes odd marriages


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Your right justo!
My subconciousness married the two planes together.
The front end is so much like the "julia"!!
honestly, i didnt even think, or look at any pictures while drawing it i just sat there with a blank page and began to draw...
thats so weird!
im going to beat myself with a dog chain now, and hang my head in shame. ;D
Sometimes life makes odd marriages -Post 2
During the Fifties a Hawker Hunter crashed against a MiG 15
The result was the "Baroudeur"


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wow never seen that before.!
definitely a mix between the two, you can imagine its designers sitting there with a mig and a hunter model kit and messing about with the bits!! ;D :D...then saying ...aaah thats it!

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