MV-35 and MV-36 VTOL Stealth Transport Aircraft (whiff)


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2 January 2006
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Just found here (via "Jeffry Fontaine" from the what-if Forum !) ... :eek:



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i'm interesting by this's a real project or a design art of artist..
have you got some infos about please...
what avantage of this project...with this vtol vertical take off sytem (like f35...) it's not possible to carry a hight weigth..??? Many many dollars for this project...and for what
I send you some picts of Boeing X 32 Building step..
Many composite part, a ultra rigid concept body,and many part milled in cnc.....all hand finished and passed building....Very very hight cost..


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About stealth technology, i found this interesting letter...
what do you think about..???


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gery said:
About stealth technology, i found this interesting letter...
what do you think about..??Z?

If someone seriously wants to cover their country with radio telescopes in order to find stealth aircraft flying overhead by the 'black holes' they cause amongst the signals from other stars then they are welcome to do so... but the cost of that would be far more than the damage any stealth bombers could do to their economy. However this letter seriously misunderstands how radar stealth works and is a pretty pointless contribution.
While the concept looks very cool, I would remind everyone that the downwash and outwash from a Harrier is bad enough to preclude it from operating from unprepared surfaces. As one USMC Harrier pilot told me once they dig there own grave. So a transport sized aircraft would have some significant issues there. Then to have a stealthy VTOL aircraft that has to use stressed concrete or other prepared surfaces seems to defeat the purpose in the information age.
It would seem that the burning grass could lead to some problems with IR reduction during the landing phase. ;)

Still, its neat to see someone trying to force a mach 2 fighter to become a transport aircraft (I'd personally favour wider wingspan and some kind of lift fan or fan-wing design to improve hover lift, but that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it?)
Somebody says : the web made by the relay of portable phone operator make a static radar wich can detect all stealth planes....does all phone operators an "extention" of NSA US agency around the world...????

Do you know "NOSTRADAMUS" , a french low frequency RADAR wich send microwaves
in direction of "stratospher".
Techincal consideration aside... I'm afraid the 8-year-old inside me just wants to scale up that MV35 design and turn it into an updated Thunderbird 2.
gery said:
I send you some picts of Boeing X 32 Building step..
Many composite part, a ultra rigid concept body,and many part milled in cnc.....all hand finished and passed building....Very very hight cost..

I think the caption on that first picture is "I told you not to subcontract any work to Mach 2"
Hey what's up fellas. I'm the guy behind the MV-35 and 36.

I'm glad ya'll like 'em :) and I'm flattered that these ended up on Secret Projects. I did these a few years ago as a personal concept project for a presentation on vehicle concepting. I'm a concept artist for the 'entertainment industry' but mostly for video games, so most of what I do is pretty fictitious. For this I wanted to do something realistic.. That and it was an excuse to research how aircraft really works which is something I should know...

So since I'm always having these conversations about plausibility in concepts with my friend in the air-force I thought I'd try and design something the military probably wants but can't afford (and is just out of reach of modern technology). The Osprey's range makes it valuable despite it's shortcomings and a stealth transport that could drop special forces or a light vehicle deep behind enemy lines undetected, is, as we all know, something the air-force wouldn't mind having.

So there ya have it.

More info on the MV's can be found on the forums that I'm a part of if you're interested.

I thought you guys might enjoy this pages of sketches I did for these. As you can see some of these were designed before I did my homework.

Deino: thanks for posting
fightingirish: me too!
gery: those pictures are great, thanks for putting them up
yasotay: You're indeed right about this craft having tons of issues. As you can see I'm not an engineer but as the technology advances...
Avimimus: lol yea you're right. It should probably have a larger wingspan.. but I did design them with lift-fans. Both versions have two in the front with the aft lift being supplied by the angled exhaust nozzles. The crew would have to exit under burning jet engines though which could be a problem...
Sentinel Chicken: lol yea
Triton: I tried for ever to come up with a good name. That one's great. Names should always have meaning.
Kremz, welcome aboard, I'm pretty new to this forum myself.
Congratulations on your MV-35 and MV-36 concepts! Not only they are very pleasing to the eye but they demonstrate serious research done on the subject to make them as realistic and credible as possible. I could easily have fallen for them as genuine Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin projects if you hadn't come out as their creator... Well done!
Wait, you're the guy who made this?

DAY-UM! I honestly have to wonder why you're not working for a game or movie studio!
kremz said:
Oh but I do. Thanks guys!

Rats! So much for hoping for a starving college student who works cheap.
Brilliant work by the way.
Brilliant work kremz, both look very impressive, but I am curious how VTOL is achieved besides for the lift-fans in front? Do the main nozzles swivel downwards (like on the F-35B) or are there separate lifting nozzles (as on X-32B).

I wonder if we will see similar aircraft following the next major leap on engine development, or sooner?
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