MPP-T6 mobile bunker - real or fake ?

Michel Van

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13 August 2007
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i found this in internet

The bunker of the future is no longer static -
it is now mobile, at least according to US Bunkers, whose MPP-T6 mobile bunker, formerly code-named Foxhole,
has recently received its permanent military designation: Gladia-thor.
The same bunker in its civil form is named 'Big-Brother' and the proposed underwater version will be the 'Posei-dome'.
US Bunkers develops steel reinforced concrete bunkers that include the company's proprietary mix of polymer fibres, which keep the weight down to between 13 and 15 tonnes -
light enough to be airlifted by a Chinook or packed ten together into a C-5 Galaxy and airdropped to the desired destination with an accuracy of +/- 30.5 metres.
The airdrop system includes a Pioneer Systems self-guided G-Pads airfoil parachute (or a traditional cluster of conical chutes), which uses an onboard GPS to steer it to the drop zone.
The MPP (Multi-Purpose-Platform) series of bunkers is available in a variety of configurations, including troop shelter, headquarters, ICU and operating room, ammunition/gun depots and secure sleeping quarters.

Internet fake or real stuff ?
Such a device was already advertised here in Germany during the '70s ! :D

SteveO said:
:D is that a German comedy sketch?

Yes and one of the best: Loriot
here his most famous "the Picture Is skewed"

his Homepage
one of his famous sketch a parody nature documentaries about "Die Steinlaus"
end up as real entry in the German medical encyclopedic dictionary and Wikipedia
as "Petrophaga lorioti"

back to this "Foxhole" thing
how realistic is a mobile Bunker anyway ?
Orionblamblam said:
Michel Van said:
Internet fake or real stuff ?

Real company, real project.

Something tells me this is one niche (bunker building) of the global economy that's going to be doing well for a while yet.
When a friend announced that her family was moving to US, our first question was, 'Tornado Alley ??'

Well, no & yes-- 'Executive Grade' relocation properties are set above 'century flood' line and come with a storm-proof 'panic room', to be sure, to be sure...

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