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5 January 2006
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As it has been suggested, I used the "Report to moderator" function to suggest moving a post to a thread I thought it was better suited to (post from,296.msg78859.html#msg78859 to,9014.0.html in this case). Nothing has happened, so obviously a moderator has decided the move should not be done. Now, I just thought it would be nice if in a case like this the moderator could sent a short PM to describe why not, so I would not make a same kind of unwarranted request in the future, as I cannot see anything obviously wrong with my request. Of course I understand moderators can be busy, so this kind of reply would only be a "nice to have", not a must. :)

in my case I haven't seen that, please accept my apologies. I try to PM when I think I have to explain my decissions as a moderator, but I also admit that sometimes I feel lazy when I return home after a hard day's work. Some members simply feel free to PM me about my decissions or any other questions about the forum. Anyway I think that "why not button" is a good idea.


Okay, so it was moved after all. Another point would of course be that now one has no way of knowing whether the message has been reviewed or not. In this case other posts had been edited by moderators after I sent my report.
Antonio - no need to apologize, I understand moderators have a life to live, as I stated in my original message. However, I don't know how the "report to moderator" function actually works. Is the report sent to one moderator or all of them? If to one, whom? If to all, how do the others know if it has been handled?
Is the report sent to one moderator or all of them? If to one, whom? If to all, how do the others know if it has been handled?

I guess only Overscan has the answers to that. While waiting for his post I can tell you that when members send report to moderator, we directly receive an email. I don't know if all moderator's receive it but I think that's highly probable because sometimes I see the problem already fixed when I enter the forum.
This is because we are global moderators. I think that the message went to the administrator (overscan), deputy administrator (flateric), global moderators (me, pometablava, ...) and to moderators of the specific section from where was send the request.
Perhaps I should have asked earlier, but I never got such a message, nor a mail ... ???
Yes, Jens, your email has bounced for several months (years). You need to update your email address.

The email is sent to me, Flateric, and all global moderators who have valid emails. I look at the request, and usually follow it. Occasionally, its a very complex request meaning splitting and merging lots of different subjects. I tend to leave those until I can spare the time.

There's no mechanism for feedback, but we could email each other and the reporting user manually so that everyone knows whats happening.
Ok, I've changed my email adress. It was changed after I received several
spam/malware mails with faked sender adresses, pretending to be SPF members.
That fora are scanned systematically for email adresses seems still to be a problem,
so hiding ones own adress probably is better.
If I had known the reports are delivered as email I would have understood even better. I would have thought it was an internal forum feature for moderators.

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