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1 April 2006
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That's how it looks like at the moment. I will not comment on this. Hope one day Russia will have aviation museum it deserves. It's just impossible with government or business support, tiny groups of self-made restorers won't do much.


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flateric said:
I will not comment on this.

I will: egad. That looks like crap.

I have seen *displays* like that in various museums... the USAF Museum in Dayton had something that looked a lot like that in the Cold War hanger, showign a chunk of Easter Berlin, the Wall and a Trabant. But that was a *display.*

Sheesh. You'd think they could at least buy an off-the-shelf snap-together shed or soemthing. Maybe something from Ikea....
:( That is a shame. Unfortunately, airplane museums are never money makers (or atleast I'd assume). Funds probably go to maintain the aircraft when available.

On the other hand, a big thanks to Gregory for taking a large quantity of pics at the museum this weekend for me! B) I really appreciate it. It would be neat to visit this museum some day in the future.
Museum building suffered a fire several years ago, part of exibits were lost forever. Funding does not allow museum to build a new one.
This is the tragically dilapidated entrance to the Hill Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base. As you can clearly see, it's in a shocking state of disrepair. ANd they truly rip you off on the entrance fee... $0.00!!! Highway robbery!

One thing I've never noticed in all my visits there is the B-2 in the grass....,+ut&ie=UTF8&ll=41.162413,-112.019423&spn=0.001034,0.00235&t=h&z=19


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Wow... Monino looks like a Canadian Museum... (I don't mind nifty, decaying cash desks but it is sad to see material either inaccessible to the public or simply left to decay, isn't it?)

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