Mirage III V 02 Prototype


I see the truth in it.
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22 February 2006
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VTOL? STOVL? VSTOL? Either way, a design proposed to NBMR.3. 8 lift jets and one propulsion. Wikirumour here:


My impression (preview):


960 pixel image here:


VTOL!!!!, and all the VTOL are STOL if they are too heavy with full bombs and fuel if there is a problem of ratio weight power or cross sections structure or landing gear or finally of burning too much fuel when the wind is blowing or if the ground is not stong and solid.
STOL for a VTOL is more economic but not really for 2 generation of harriers and their last quick take-off.
VTOL fighter pilot is at first a good treasurer, at second a good sail plane pilot he read the wind and the ground and the mountains and the sensation and finally they have with the vector thrust anothers possibilities in dogfight, like chopper pilots.
To understand what's a STOL look at MIG 21 pd, MIG 23 PD, SuT-58 vd for a fast interception, next generations Harriers with heavy load are often STOL.
The answer is more complex about the differents systems and their use, a VAK 191 is not a VJ 101 and is not a balzac and is not a harrier and is not a G95/4 and G95/6.
BUT the MIRAGE III VERTICAL is a delta wing and delta wing is taking off long and landing speed that's why they have height thrust engine and one translation engine (MACH 2) who need to accelerate before having stability and close his thrust engines and transvase fuel in the principal motorization he need.
I learned it recently about the crash of the american test pilot of Balzac.

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