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27 September 2006
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I would like to asked if somebody has any pictures or a good site of this project.

Thank you
:) Hi
www.dassault-aviation.com , then Dassault passion, then Dassault de A à Z
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The Balzac V was a VTOL demonstrator based on the very first Mirage-III prototype, the
Mirage III -01 from November 1956.
The Atar-101 was replaced by an Orpheus rated at 2200 kgp only, and... 8 RB-108 lift engines. This allowed only mach 0.9 and...12 minutes of fuel!
The plane flew for the first time in February 1962 proved quite useful and successfull but later crashed two times.
first crash was in February 1964, killing Jacques Pinier. The plane was repaired but a second crash in September 1965 killed Major Neale, an american pilot testing the aircraft. It was not repaired, as the much bigger Mirage IIIV were flying...
Henry Matthew has made a good book on the VTOL Mirages.
Why was the Balzac V named after the telephone number Balzac 001 of the Paris movie advertising agency Publicité Jean Mineur, since the serial number of the Balzac V (001) happened to coincide with Balzac 001?
The Mirage III-001 prototype was nicknamed Balzac by the airfield crew (at Melun Villaroche?) years before the Mirage III-001 was converted to the VTOL Balzac V. The name Balzac possibly as a sign of affection for the old bird, V presumably standing for Vertical. At the time, advertisements by Jean Mineur preceded nearly every movie in Parisian theatres, with the agency's Balzac 00.01 telephone number prominently in view.
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