Midland Counties "Red Star" series

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27 December 2005
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Midland Red Star Series

01 - Sukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI: Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Demonstrators
02 - Flankers: The New Generation
03 - Polikarpov I-16 Fighter
04 - Early Soviet Jet Fighters
05 - Yakovlev's Piston-Engined Fighters
06 - Polikarpov's Biplane Fighters
07 - Tupolev Tu-4
08 - Russia's Ekranoplans
09 - Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack
10 - Lavochkin's Piston-Engined Fighters
11 - Myasishev M-4 and 3M
12 - Antonov's Turboprop Twins: AN-24/-26/-30/-32
13 - Mikoyan's Piston-Engined Fighters
14 - Mil Mi-8 and Mi-17 - Rotary Wing Workhorse and War Horse
15 - Antonov An-2: Annushka, Maid of All Work
16 - Sukhoi Interceptors. Su-9/-11/-15 and other types
17 - Early Soviet Jet Bombers
18 - Antonov's Heavy Transports
19 - Soviet Heavy Interceptors
20 - Soviet/Russian UAVs
21 - Antonov's Jet Twins - The An-72/74 Family
22 - Mil's Heavylift Helicopters
23 - Soviet/Russian AWACS Aircraft Tu-126,A-50,Ka-31
24 - Tupolev Tu-144
25 - Ilyushin ll-12 and ll-14: Successors to the Li-2
26 - Russia's Military Aircraft of the 21st Century
27 - Lisunov Li-2
28 - Beriev's Jet Flying Boats
29 - Kamov -27/-32 Family
30 - Soviet Rocket Fighters
31 - Tupolev Tu-114: The First Soviet Intercontinental Airliner
32 - Lavochkin's Last Jets
33 - Antonov An-12: The Soviet Hercules
34 - Mikoyan Mig-25 Foxbat: Guardian of the Soviet Borders
35 - Tupolev Tu-104: Aeroflot's First Jetliner
No. 36 was announced for April or May -> Yakovlev Yak-36, Yak-38 & Yak 41: The Soviet "Jump Jets". (I believe Pometablava mentioned this in another thread before.)


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Thank you, Paul. So it's time to order it ;) .
Amazon.com has the Yak VTOLs volume in stock finally, mine should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think. I've got the old Aerofax volume on the same topic and it was a pretty good read if a little short. The Red Star volumes are good reads for the most part. I've got volumes 1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 34, and now 36.
It would be great if anybody could post a review about that Volume 36. My decission to purchase depends on it because I already have a lot of info about that aircraft family (unbuilt designs included).


I'll let you know tomorrow if it's any good!
From what I've read so far tonight the book seems to be pretty good. At 144 pages it is more than just a rehash of the old Aerofax volume. Fortunately, since the FORGER never saw combat against America, we are spared Gordon's typical anti-American ravings. He does seem pretty straightforward with regards to the capabilities and limitations of the jets described, and there is an image in there of a follow-on to the Yak-41M that I hadn't seen before, a canard delta. I'll give it a much more thorough going over tomorrow but from what I've read of it so far the book seems like a very worthy addition to the series.
Thanks a lot for the info, I think I'm going to order it :)
After reading through more of the book it does appear to be very well done. There is a lot of info regarding systems, variants, flight testing, etc, as is expected from the Red Star series by now. As the only other serious reference on any of the three types I have is the older Aerofax volume, this is a very welcome addition to my library. Now, I don't have the OKB Yakovlev book Midland published a while back, so I can't speak to any comparison with what's in that one, but if you liked the Aerofax volume and are interested in Soviet/Russian VTOL programs you should love this book. Tons of photos I hadn't seen before either, and the obligatory line drawings are well done as well. The Yak-41 drawing appears to be one of the more accurate one's I've seen; a lot of times the drawing makes the jet appear a lot longer than it was for some reason. Probably a trick of the eye due to the smallish vertical tails but this one looks right, if that makes any sense.
SOC said:
... and there is an image in there of a follow-on to the Yak-41M that I hadn't seen before, a canard delta. ...

Would it be possible to post a small scan of that concept here ???

Cheers, Deino
Variation of this?


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Actually I think it was that, just shown from a different angle.
-or this?


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Borovik, that design is discussed as well, it's one of the design studies leading up to the Yak-41.

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