Michel found a Aerospace Arichive next door

Michel Van

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13 August 2007
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by luck i found a Aerospace Arichive at Aachen university RWTH sub division ILR
(tat is only 17 km from were i live)

is more a "Präsenzbibliothek" so view only
(and with hope a photocopy machine near by or a Scanner ;D )
for the moment I make a date with boss of bibliothek
try to get my hands on RT-08-01 and other Sänger study, ELDO ESA rocket study.

so Wat make ILR "Institut für Luft und Raumfahrt" ?

they also made a prototype for the Rosseta lander


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Ehi Michel I hope that, if you will find some RT-8 material you will share it with your friends.... ;)
i had to day the first visit to ILR
they gave me only 2 hours, but i got more i looking for ;D

they go huge Aerospace Arichive
like a wall full with NASA SP - Book (all first print) !
rear book from Kraft Ehricke, Eugene Sänger

to RT-08-01 nothing for the moment
most they have is Sanger II study, with luck i find some early models.

the Problem: the Computer archive has errors in findig the Books...
so i have to look by self

for Rockets i have to got to another Space archive in Aachen university RWTH
division Rocket engine...

some of the stuff i found gona be post in forum
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