Me -163 "Butterfly Tail" Does Any One Know Anything?


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22 December 2007
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Hey does any one know of the Me-163 "Butterfly Tail" :-\ was it some type of 163 on the drawing board or has some one just made it up??

As I really like the 163 would like to know if there is any more info,drawings etc on it that could be posted or sent to my email address.

At Lonewolfmodels you can buy a butterfly tail conversion.
Still I can't say if it was a real project or just an another what-if kitbash by/for aircraft modellers.
Resin conversion to replace the tail of the Academy Me 163 with a butterfly tail unit. This was considered so a parachute brake could be fitted.
The included leaflet might have more information.
I got the information for the Butterfly Tail Me163 from the Classic Publications books on the 163. There is a small drawing and description of the project which proceeded no further than the planning stage because of the instabillity of the Bf 109 G-0 Butterfly Tail. I produced the model because its an interesting version of the Me 163 and looks very different when made up.
Usually, a V-tail is replacing a complete tail, here it is replacing a fin, the Me163 being often included among the tail-less aircraft. I am surprised that these 2 surfaces instead of 1 provides stability problems, more stability than original could have been expected. No?
It may be that the added structure aft on a 163 could indeed make it more unstable by shifting cg aft.
I would have thought that on a 109 the instability would simply be due to lack of stabiliser area...
Messerschmitt Me 163 B Butterfly tail proposal. Was intended to make landing of this tricky little aircraft a little easier by allowing a drag chute to be fitted. Concept was tested on Me 109 G-0 but proved to be wanting so not developed. Me-163 V tail (2).jpg

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