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Massed (e)VTOL world: what would it be like?


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Jun 1, 2019
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If you think about it, our physical environment is heavily influenced by cars. Roads defines architecture defines social life defines culture and intellectual life. Just look at those terms: suburbanite, inner city, rural, etc

With the development of low cost safe VTOL the entire logic of modern life can be upended after the patterns of living changes.

With VTOLs, unplanned contact is minimized, and population commute distance converts to travel time in a linear as opposed to exponential (due to surface bottlenecks) that sets a hard limit on sprawl. Difficult conflicts like "school district" would be so 20th century. That said, all development depends on human desires, and it'd take serious effort to tease out a likely path of evolution.

Have anyone really thought about the implications of this potentially epoch defining technology (if singularity like thingy doesn't happen) and published systematic analysis of it?
The impact of VTOLs on the physical environment can be great, and it potentially can drive a "punk" aesthetics. What would such a world look like (think about the most dramatic place in such a world), what are the stories and conflicts within the world and how should it be named?

The old flying cars future stories really didn't think though everything as it is used as eye candying as opposed to a defining technology.

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